Do we need an election fraud panel?

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Thursday forming a commission on voter fraud and elections, an action many Democrats say is aimed at justifying his unfounded voter fraud claims.  (“Millions cast illegal ballots, giving Hillary Clinton her huge popular vote margin,” right.)  Instead of appointing a blue-ribbon, bipartisan committee of nationally respected sages, the commission will be spearheaded by Vice President Mike Pence and controversial Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. Kobach, who helped on the Trump transition team, is a lightning rod for critics who have accused him of extreme racism and having ties to white nationalists.

Kobach has advocated for strict voter identification laws. Riiight.  Kansas. By far the worst governed state in the Union. Go there for wisdom.

To be clear, I have never objected to gradually ramping up the requirements that voters show ID. But there are two giant considerations:

(1) there is not evidence at all that this is a major problem requiring urgent-rapid action. Voter fraud has repeatedly been shown to be almost nonexistent.

(2) there is a simple test as to whether the  red state GOP legislators, where voter ID laws that have surged, are sincere, or attempting bald-faced suppression of US citizens exercising their rights.  What is that simple test? When red states have passed these restrictions, have they also allocated money for compliance assistance? 

Whenever the federal government – or most states – apply new regs upon business, there is almost always some provision offering those businesses help in complying with the new regs. Sometimes the help is modest, often it is substantial. But the principle is well-established. Moreover, if a new regulation’s impact hits small fry hard – like mom and pop establishments – then the calls for compliance assistance are compelling! See my earlier posting: Voter ID laws: scam or accountability?

So, here’s the simple test. Have any of the GOP-led state legislatures who passed stiff voter ID laws also passed funds to help poor citizens to GET the IDs they need? Very few actions would be as much a win-win, since getting clear ID will also help poor folks to do banking, establish businesses and lift themselves out of poverty. A concerted effort to help a state’s citizens get ID would be both beneficial and prove that those legislatures were sincere. It would refute the accusation that these laws have one sole purpose – cheating.

Okay, here’s the crux. The on-off switch. The total fact that proves criminality and treason. Not one of these red states have passed even a single penny of compliance assistance, to accompany a stiff, new regulatory burden they slapped on their poorest and most vulnerable citizens.  In fact, many of these red – no, they must be called gray – states went on a binge of closing DMV offices “to save money” and mostly in poor or democratic-leaning counties. They made compliance with their own law harder. Deliberately much harder.

Hence the indictment is proved. As it is with the utterly laughable-hypocritical “commission” that Donald Trump just appointed.  They are exposed as liars. Cheaters. Betrayers. Hypocrites. Confederates.


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  1. David, you have been very prescient about the trajectory of American, and indeed global politics over the years since “The Transparent Society”. (As well as about other sociopolitical issues as well.) There are times I didn’t listen to you, and I am a bit embarrassed by those times. Between you, Alvin Toffler, and even Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (“Player Piano”), I personally cannot say that no one has been sounding the warning sirens over the last few decades, even if none of us knew PRECISELY what form our destructor would take (that’s right, Stay Pufft Marshmallow Man), other than to say that there were “interesting days” are ahead. Yet, here we are, and the interesting days have come our way regardless of the repeated warnings. There are sociopolitical forces acting on every person on this highly interconnected planet, every day of our lives. These forces continually threaten to overwhelm the cognitive capacity of the global human species. Perhaps you are right, perhaps we will — as we have so many times in the past — muddle through. I still tend to believe that.

    My question to you is whether there still benefit to be gained from raising air raid sirens about specific issues as you have done here? I am wondering if we have entered something like a global, sociopolitical “seizure generation loop” not unlike that found in the human brain. There are times when, let’s say, during a focal seizure that a little focused attention can keep the system from collapsing to a fully seized, grand mal state. Even then, most tonic-clonic seizures (grand mal) literally burn themselves out after a few minutes, but during that time there is no conscious control and no amount of focusing can shorten the “burn out” time cycle. In the worst case, some tonic-clonic seizures DO NOT burn out until the patient actually dies (the “status epilepticus” condition–an induced coma can save the patient’s life, BTW). Is the additional stimuli, such as your air raid siren about Trump’s latest silliness adding to the current focal seizure we seem to be having? (Kind of like continuing the very light strobing that may have caused the focal seizure in the first place.) Or, have we already entered a tonic state where the system is now on autopilot? (I don’t think we have reached “status politicus” yet, which would likely look like the frequent long periods of “hard core” feudalism we humans often fall to, which you have so deftly pointed out to us on multiple occasions since “The Postman”.) I am not saying you are wrong about this particular situation (the chances of that are low, given your past record), it’s just that I am saying closed control loops (feedback loops) are funny things and I am wondering about the utility of such air raid sirens such as yours.

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